Bonjour Winter and Bonjour to You!

Bonjour winter! Winter is finally here and I could not be more excited. This Sundry sweatshirt was the obvious pick for the first day it actually felt like winter with snow on the ground and beautiful snow covered trees.

More importantly, not only am I saying bonjour to winter, but I am also saying bonjour to you and this blog! You may be thinking, oh no, another blog… I have to say I had that thought initially too. I have been procrastinating writing my first post because I kept thinking whether people really wanted to (or will) read another blog. But then, with a little…ok maybe big… push from my husband I decided to bite the bullet and just post already. For me, this blog is not about other people reading it but it is about having a creative outlet. Don’t get me wrong, I would love if I created a following but most importantly I want to do this for me. So who am I? IMG_2641

My name is Blair and I live in Minnesota with my husband and dog Elle. I recently graduated law school and passed the bar in the fall. After being in school for so many years I started to get a little restless this fall and winter when I was getting used to the same day to day routine of waking up, going to work and coming home. Now, I love my day to day routine but I needed a little something more in my life. Something for me. So voila, Be with Blair was born. So, the million dollar question, what will this blog be about?


This blog is going to be a mix of fashion, exercise, food, travel, and life. I am no expert on any of these topics but I LOVE all of them. I will try any health trend once to see if it works. I will sweat my way through any new workout class. I will try a fashion trend and hope I won’t look back and cringe. I literally can’t stand spending tons of money on one article of clothing so I hope to give some inspiration on how to create affordable yet fashionable looks.  I try and cook at least 4 times a week so I will share some recipes that will make your week a little easier. And last but certainly not least, I absolutely LOVE traveling with my husband so I will post about anywhere we go. So basically, this blog will follow me and my journey through life. IMG_2634

I have no idea what this blog will become or what direction it will go but I am hoping you will Be With Blair on this fun and new journey.

Until next time!


BlairIMG_2628 Outfit credits:Sundry, Old H&M Black Jeans but similar ones here->H&M Black Jeans, Old Sorel Boots but similar ones here->Sorel Boots

Instagram- @bewithblair

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